Megan Pormer is a spokesmodel, health and beauty advocate, television personality and actress.

Megan Pormer is a multi-talented brand ambassador, spokesmodel and influencer. Cosmopolitan Middle East chose Megan as the magazine’s June 2017 cover girl, declaring her “Tinseltown’s Middle Eastern Mega-Star.” Megan appeared on the May 2017 cover of Women’s Health Middle East, which applauded her for raising awareness of a revolution in customized health, beauty and wellness. Both magazine covers were displayed on a 22-story tall electronic billboard in the heart of New York Times Square. In August 2017, Megan became the cover star for Tehran magazine, the biggest and most prestigious Iranian magazine in the United States.

She is on the rise and here to stay. She has an army of followers that like, comment and share everything she posts. These are the hundreds and millions of people that are loyal and turn likes into profit. Megan generates millions of impressions every month and brands are lining up to get in on the action.

CBS’s The Insider recognized her as a spokesmodel who is bridging the gap between the Hollywood and the medical world. In January 2017, Megan was chosen for her beauty, education and influence to become the new face of the international cosmetics brand Skinue, beating out 2,000 other models in Los Angeles.

In August of 2017, Megan became a brand ambassador for Targeted Skin, a revolutionary company that personalizes skincare based on DNA. Megan’s experience in the field, her reach on social media and her network to expand their brand in Dubai and across the Middle East made her the perfect fit.

Megan has showcased her unique expertise during appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Botched on the E! Network. She was the first to spread the word on these top-rated, internationally syndicated shows about the effect that DNA testing can have on preventative healthcare.

In 2015, Megan was chosen as an on-camera host for New You, one of the biggest beauty and health media outlets in the United States. She then became the first to take the conversation surrounding DNA testing to the red carpet, launching a groundbreaking debate about preventative healthcare in the mainstream media.

Whenever Megan steps on the red carpet, she generates worldwide discussion. Recently, Megan conducted an emotional interview with Star Wars director JJ Abrams about screening The Force Awakens for cancer patients that went viral. As cancer research advocate, Megan is determined to raise awareness about the clauses that are more important to her.  Megan’s compassion and dedication leads to instances of true connection that are rarely found in the entertainment industry.

Megan Pormer is a powerful force in Hollywood that is just getting started.