Most of you know that I am nutritionist, but did you know I am a also a competitive boxer? 

To maximize any workout routine and better your health condition, I highly recommend getting a DNA test to help you understand your body. Pathway Fit is a great genetic test that will provide you with a easy to read report. It will give you an overall understand of your genetic fitness profile, so you can personalize your nutrition plans using information from your DNA. This test can easily ordered through your physician. 

While putting in a good sweat, I like to be in workout attire that is comfortable but also hug my curves giving me that sexy look and freedom to accomplish all my movements without restrictions. Nike Dri-FIT Touch Breeze Women’s Running Tank brand does just that. It provides amazing support yet still allow my skin to breath. They provide many different colors for me to mix and match my looks. Yes, it is important to me that my outfit looks good with my workout shoes.

Speaking of shoes. There are no better shoes than New Balance 690 Speed Ride while I am boxing. They are not only stylish, they have the must amazing shock absorbers built into shoe that allows me to box at my maximum strength.

To complete my workout outfit, I am obsessed with my smart Sportsline HydraCoach Intelligent water bottle. It tracks my fluid consumption through out the day and calculates my personal hydration needs. Working out just got a little better.