Sitting on the beach and watching the beautiful ocean in Miami, I can’t help thinking about the cancer patient I met with yesterday and all the millions of people that are suffering like her. I got to spend a lovely afternoon with a very knowledgeable woman who is fighting breast cancer and was inspired by all the research she had done about a lot of different treatments, both natural and chemical. She is truly an example of someone who is taking control of their own health.

Is the cancer nightmare ever going to end? Are we ever going to find a cure? Will there be a day when cancer becomes like Scurvy disease which was a horrific monster during the Napoleonic Wars and was later cured by just consuming vitamins C?

During all the years of doing research in Biomedical engineering, I learned that unfortunately, despite the constant effort of millions of scientists around the world to find innovative ways to better healthcare worldwide, there is not enough marketing tools to promote medical discoveries. Therefore, a lot of people are not aware of all the available technologies and ways that can make their lives easier while struggling with a health issue. So I thought, since I spend a lot of time talking to cancer patients which tried many different treatments and I’m always interested to search about different innovations in healthcare, I am going to share with you about some new medical technologies, devices or treatments that I learn about. Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor and therefore the purpose of sharing medical news with you is solely to keep you updated about what’s going on in the medical world. I am not suggesting any of the treatments I write about. I am simply giving you as many options as I can with the hope that I can be of contribution to you becoming the CEO of your own health since I believe  knowledge is power 🙂

Stay tuned

By Megan Pormer