My best friend and I enrolled in a great kickboxing gym and started training everyday. He kept complaining that despite his healthy diet, the workout is not helping him get in better shape. Meanwhile, my abs were looking more defined and the workout was actually making me lose more weight than I wanted.

After doing a lot of research, I learned that genetic makeup helps determine how much you can get out of your exercise and what type of exercise would be more beneficial for your genetic type. I was so excited to know that science is now allowing us to even customize our exercise based on our DNA.

So the genetic test results of both my friend and I were ready within 2 weeks. They showed that my friend benefits more from weight resistance exercises, while my genes are associated with enhanced benefit from endurance exercises. Also, the results showed that my friend has a gene called the “sprinter gene” that most elite power athletes which gives him an increased ability for sports that requires a lot of muscle power (OK! now I know why he keeps making fun of my weak muscles)

Since I started choosing the type of workout that is more beneficial for my DNA, I see results much faster which is a lot more motivating and makes it easier to train.