Sometimes it just seems like I am too busy even to eat. I am sure everyone has those days. I always want to make sure I am still eating healthy meals even though it has to be quick, easy to prepare, and I convenient. In this case, drink my meal!

Thanks to my portable NutriBullet, I can make drink my salad on a go.

Here are my recommendations:
· 2 handfuls of leafy greens (baby kale, spinach, mixed chards)
· A couple of frozen fruits (low glycemic)
· Almond or rice milk
· A scoop or two of your favorite protein powder, mine is David Kirsch.

David Kirsch is amazing because it is super clean, low in fillers, and has no sugar (which will later be stored as fat.

To spice things up, I also like to add:
· Superfoods (cacao, goji berries, maca)
· Yogurt (goat’s milk or greek)
· A few nuts (cashew, almond) or peanut butter

This delicious drinkable salad is fast to make and easy to clean up.

Chewing process release will digestive enzyme in your stomach that will help to break down food and trigger the digestive process for your body to convert food into energy. So, don’t just drinking your food, make sure you also chew.

Drink, Eat and Chew your food.