Megan Pormer as the cover girl for Women’s Health magazine

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Today is the best day of my life. After years of raising awareness about the benefits of genetic testing and introducing customized health, wellness and beauty in Hollywood, I was given the opportunity to be on the cover of one of the most respected women’s magazines in the world, Women’s Health Middle East. I would [...]

Congratulations 23andMe for making a dream come true!


A DREAM COME TRUE FOR THE ENTIE GENETIC SOCIETY. The hard working and persistent Anne Wojcicki, the co-founder and CEO of one of the personal genomics company, 23andMe broke this amazing news to people who want to be more proactive and in control of their health; The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted 23andMe authorization to [...]

Megan Pormer on #CastingforaHero to delete blood cancer


I'm excited that Fast and Furious star, Vin Diesel has teamed up with DKMS to launch #CastingforaHero, a new campaign urging people of all ethnic backgrounds to swab their cheeks and register as bone marrow and blood stem cell donors. Vin comments 'I am proud to launch #CastingforaHero - campaign to save lives by increasing [...]

Megan Pormer’s choice of exercise based on her DNA


With all the tempting and exciting workout classes in LA, I used to find it difficult to choose the right workout that I would enjoy while getting in better shape. I tried many different classes on weight lifting and strengthening and not only I wasn't enjoying it, it wasn't making a noticeable difference in the appearance [...]

Megan Pormer with celebrity doctor, Ehsan Ali MD talking botox and fillers


As a millennial, I get exposed to so many commercials and news articles on beauty treatments. Out of all beauty treatments, botox and fillers are becoming more and more popular. I was always wondering if one should use botox in their mid to late 20s to prevent wrinkles or, there is no such a thing as preventive [...]

Megan Pormer’s tips on the relationship between your skin and your genes

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With the rapidly growing number of skincare products everyday, it can be very confusing to find the right product that suits your skin. I used to go to beauty stores and stare at hundreds of different skincare bottles and wondering which one would be good for me? After spending thousands of dollars on products that [...]

Megan Pormer’s tips on the connection between exercise and genetic makeup


My best friend and I enrolled in a great kickboxing gym and started training everyday. He kept complaining that despite his healthy diet, the workout is not helping him get in better shape. Meanwhile, my abs were looking more defined and the workout was actually making me lose more weight than I wanted. After doing [...]