I spend a few minutes a day digging through my handbag looking for my car keys. Ironically, I am currently reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

I will admit, I’m not happy that my bag can become a bit of a clutter but instead of telling you what I’ve thrown out, I thought I’d share with you what are my must keeps.

Besides my electronics (iPhone and iPad), which I charge daily anyway, I like to keep the following with me at all times.

My days can be long and exhausting, so I make sure to never leave home without LUMINOUS DEWY SKIN MIST inside my bag, it will keep me feeling hydrated and fresh all day long.

MAC Lip Conditioner keeps me looking natural and glowing throughout the day.

It’s fun and simple to change my whole look just with different colors of Fiona Stiles Beauty lipstick! A simple color application and I’m ready for work. Change of shade and I’m ready for a date. I always carry a few shades because I never know what situation I’ll be in.

My hands tend to dry easily. My favorite hand cream Precision by Chanel keeps my hands from drying without feeling greasy.

I love the texture and touch of the Yves Saint Laurent Concealer. It is essential to my beauty skin process or for a simple retouch.



As a nutritionist, I never want my stomach to feel hungry for too long, which can lead to your body storing fat. Carrying a Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar or healthy nuts with me is a must.